Any Length. Any Depth.

Vector Magnetics combines our unique electro-magnetic expertise with decades of hands-on experience to produce ParaTrack – a robust HDD guidance system with the flexibility to handle projects of any scope – from routine crossings to record-breaking off-shore intersections that re-define the industry’s expectations of what is possible.

ParaTrack allows for tracking and steering under obstacles to precise exit points, under any condition, at any length, at any depth. It provides multiple solutions to the problem of drilling parallel bores in narrow rights of way with no margin for error, and routinely guides successful end-to-end intersections on projects large enough to be beyond the reach of any individual rig.

On every continent ParaTrack is the guidance system of choice for projects large and small. The following are just a few examples of how ParaTrack tools may be used.

River Crossing

Traditional River Crossing guidance is where ParaTrack’s roots lie. Its capabilities were extended beyond traditional DC based electromagnetic systems with the introduction of ParaTrack2 in 2001. The industry quickly adopted ParaTrack2 as the standard guidance method for most crossings. Based on low-current AC power, driven by a small hand-held power supply utilizing light gauge wire, ParaTrack2 saves money by significantly reducing survey time with reliability and precision proven by thousands of successfully completed crossings. Today ParaTrack has been expanded to include a wide selection of magnetic and gyro sources, inclination measurement directly at the bit with the ABIA, pressure monitoring, and more. For projects of any scale, the ParaTrack System has an offering that gets the job done.


The flexibility of the ParaTrack System becomes exceptionally clear when a project calls for an intersection to complete a difficult crossing. Methods available include single-wire guidance via a wire run in the target bore, the Rotating Magnet Ranging System offering an impressive track record of long-range and small diameter intersections, often on the very first attempt. Vector Magnetics is also the only company in the industry offering Passive Magnetic Ranging in our standard RivCross software allowing for quick intersections with no additional equipment or specialized survey personnel required.

Parallel Bores

Vector Magnetics was the company that made precisely parallel wellbores not just possible but routine with the invention of the Magnetic Guidance Tool in 1993 which quickly became the standard for twinning well pairs in heavy oil extraction through the Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage method. This method was refined in the year 2000 with the introduction of the Rotating Magnet Ranging System which has gone on to guide thousands of successful well pairs. The ParaTrack System again provides multiple methods of drilling parallel bores with confidence. In addition to the RMRS options include single-wire active methods and Passive Magnetic Ranging allowing for tracking of a nearby pipeline with no access to the neighboring pipe required.