The ParaTrack System is our suite of guidance tools and software for the Horizontal Directional Drilling market. The System is modular, giving the customer the flexibility to choose which components are best suited to make each individual project a success at the lowest total cost. Centering on the ParaTrack Steering Tool, the System provides precision inclination and magnetic azimuth surveys while receiving data provided from sources such as Surface Guide Wires, ParaTrack Gyro Module, the At Bit Inclination Assembly, and more. All data are then integrated for graphical display and storage in RivCross software.

ParaTrack is the only system in the industry where all hardware and software are designed and built by a single source – the guidance experts at Vector Magnetics. Our team of scientists and engineers are dedicated to producing innovative and reliable products that make projects of any scope successful.

Our ParaTrack line of HDD tools includes:


  • Steering, surveying and tracking borehole position
  • Pressure monitoring with optional Pressure Module


  • All data integrated into a single software environment
  • The most flexible underground tracking solution available


ParaTrack System Overview

ParaTrack Steering Tool

The ParaTrack Steering Tool is the heart of the Vector Magnetics Suite of HDD Tools.

ParaTrack 2 Guide Wire System

The evolution of magnetic surface wire guidance.

Beacon Tracker System

Enables tracking where a conventional coil wire cannot be placed.

ParaTrack Gyro Module

Accurate surveying in cases of severe magnetic interference.

At Bit Inclination Assembly

Immediate steering feedback.

Pressure Module

Real-time monitoring of annular and drill pipe pressure.

Pressure Gravity Tool

Stand-alone probe measuring pressure and reamer rotation.

RivCross Software

A unified software environment integrating tracking, survey, and pressure data from all ParaTrack tools.