The many technical advances brought to the HDD market in recent years are pushing operations into ever more densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas. Market and regulatory forces are requiring operators to reduce the risk of even minimal contamination, often specifying pressure tolerances and demanding verification that these standards are being adhered to.


As such, pressure monitoring is increasingly being specified as a required part of all drilling and reaming operations. Monitoring of pressures and bit or reamer rotation has benefits for the operator as well, allowing for a real-time view into down-hole operations, extending the service life of equipment.

To meet this industry need, Vector Magnetics has introduced the Pressure Module as an optional add-on to the ParaTrack Steering Tool during pilot hole drilling and as a component of the Pressure Gravity Tool (PGT) during reaming operations.

The Pressure Module provides pipe and annular pressure monitoring just behind the mud motor or behind the bit when jetting. Data is transmitted to RivCross software where pressures are plotted graphically. Display options include real-time pressure gauges with limit warnings and the plotting of pressure variations over time. All data is logged to the RivCross job database for later reporting or verifications purposes. Data may be displayed through a variety of methods including iOS and Android applications eliminating the need for costly proprietary displays.


  • Reduces the risk of costly inadvertent returns
  • Monitor motor performance in real-time
  • Extends equipment service life


  • Reaming in hard rock or environmentally sensitive areas
  • Projects requiring pressure verification
Pressure Module Information Sheet


(Pressure Module only – requires separate Pressure Gravity or Steering tool and pressure orienting sub)
Outside Diameter: 1.75”, centralizers available in custom sizing
Length: 35.5″ (90.2 cm)
Borehole Annulus Gauge: 0-1,000 psi Full Scale, 3,000 psi survival, 5,000 psi burst
Drillpipe Gauge: 0-3,300 psi Full Scale, 10,000 psi survival, 10,000 psi burst
Non-linearity: +/- 0.1% FS
Hysteresis: +/-0.015% FS
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