The Vector Magnetics line of ParaTrack guidance tools draws from decades of hands-on experience developing solutions to the world’s most complex sub-surface navigation problems in markets ranging from oil and gas, mining, to horizontal directional drilling for civil engineering and pipeline installations.

ParaTrack is a complete guidance toolbox, providing flexibility to handle projects of any scope – from routine crossings to record-breaking off-shore intersections that re-define the industry’s expectations of what is possible.

Romsdal Gondola

The Romsdal gondola, a state of the art electric cable car, is set to welcome visitors beginning in May 2021. A service conduit was required to provide the restaurants and other services atop Nesaksla mountain with electric, gas, and water service. Prime Horizontal in association with Schenk, AG was chosen to complete the project with guidance services provided by ParaTrack HDD tools.

Coal Bed Methane

The Rotating Magnet Ranging System (RMRS) is used in Australia to intersect an offset well for the production of coal bed methane. As typical MWD and Gyro surveys are unable to provide the accuracy required to guarantee a first-time intersection, active ranging with RMRS provides independent verification of down-hole well positions, saving multiple sidetracks and days of rig time.

Multiple Parallel Bores

Multiple power lines from a major off-shore wind installation needed to be run in parallel under a railway within a narrow right of way in order to connect to the inland power distribution station.


A pipeline was proposed to connect a natural gas production source with the refining infrastructure on opposite sides of the Congo River seabed canyon. At a minimum of 3 km wide and 400m deep, and constantly shifting due to continuous sediment deposits at the mouth of the river, the only choice was to route this segment of the pipeline under the canyon.

River Crossing Guided By Gyro

A telecom operator contracted a new fiber-optic data line run beneath a busy waterway with no room for surface verification at entry and the plan containing a 35° s-turn with tight tolerances for the right of way.

Solution Mining

A major salt mine in NY uses the Rotating Magnet Ranging System (RMRS) to improve production from their underground salt reserves. Three vertical wells are drilled into the salt layer, and a single lateral well is directionally drilled to intersect the three wells in series.