Casing Magnetization

Vector Magnetics’ Casing Magnetization Service is a cost-effective solution for increasing the detectable range of down-hole casing via passive magnetic methods. Whether as a contingency against a shallow blow-out, to allow detection in extended salt formations where Active Ranging methods are ineffective, or to aid in well avoidance in densely spaced fields, Casing Magnetization provides an additional margin of safety at little cost and no risk to the wellbore.

When performing casing magnetization services, Vector Magnetics LLC will:

  • design a magnetization plan that optimizes detection range over the desired interval
  • measure the initial magnetic field strength of the casing
  • magnetize the desired casing to saturation
  • measure the final magnetic field strength of the casing
  •  provide documentation on how the joints should be installed and the measured field strength of the joints post-magnetization

Casing Magnetization Service