ParaTrack Gyro Module Now Available

HDD Surveying Immune From Magnetic Interference

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The Guidance Specialists

Only Vector Magnetics offers a complete line of steering, tracking, and surveying tools to the Horizontal Directional Drilling market.
Our ParaTrack line of tools are trusted by drilling contractors around the world to successfully complete crossings at any scale.


Let us show you the way.

Crossing With Confidence

Challenging crossings require guidance you can trust. ParaTrack has developed a reputation for accuracy and reliability that makes it the most widely-used HDD guidance system world-wide. Our tight integration of hardware and software, developed entirely under the same roof, ensures that ParaTrack maximizes customer value through efficiency of operations. From initial pilot bore entry to final product exit,
ParaTrack Guides the Way.
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Available Worldwide

Our Tools and Services are available worldwide through our distributors