The Proximity Experts

For 40 years Vector Magnetics has taken the call when stakes are the highest and success is the only option. Our technologies are used to solve the most difficult sub-surface navigation problems in oil and gas, horizontal directional drilling, and mining projects across the globe. On any given day, Vector Magnetics’ tools may be found guiding a relief well plugging an off-shore blowout, steering horizontal bores to end-to-end intersections at record length, or providing gyroscopic navigation for horizontal directional drilling under heavy interference.

Design. Build. Execute.

From concept to completed project, Vector Magnetics offers a unique combination of hands-on experience guiding the industry’s most challenging projects with engineering expertise found nowhere else in the business. We were founded with the mission of providing the most accurate drilling guidance systems available – a goal we remain relentlessly focused on today. From advice to sales to service and support – we are there when you need us; a partner willing to do whatever it takes to make your project a success.