The Proximity Experts

For more than 35 years Vector Magnetics has been the industry leader when absolute precision is called for in underground borehole location or placement. Beginning with the invention of the WellSpot tool in 1980 which revolutionized Relief Well drilling by providing, for the first time, the ability to reliably locate a cased borehole at any depth, to the invention in 1993 of the Magnetic Guidance Tool which quickly became the standard for well twinning, the method further refined in 2000 with the introduction of the Rotating Magnet Ranging Service which extended capabilities from parallel boreholes to vertical intersections in the gas and mining industries and, along with PMR, end to end intersections in the HDD industry, bringing extended length crossing projects with difficult entry and exit soils into reach for the first time.

Vector Magnetics has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in magnetic survey and tracking systems. That leadership continues today with new tools like the At Bit Inclination Assembly bringing inclination measurement to the bit for the first time in the HDD market and the ParaTrack Gyro Module, extending ParaTrack’s capabilities to projects where interference in the surrounding environment renders magnetic survey tools impractical.

Design. Build. Execute. From concept to finished project Vector Magnetics offers a combination of decades of direct hands-on experience on the industry’s most challenging projects with engineering expertise found nowhere else in the business.