Magnetic Guidance. Evolved.

ParaTrack2 is the evolution of magnetic wire guidance. Based on low current AC power, driven by a small light weight power supply, and utilizing inexpensive, light gauge wire, ParaTrack2 saves money by significantly reducing setup and survey time, while also offering superior survey quality at deeper depths or in magnetically noisy environments vs. antiquated DC-powered systems.

Setup is flexible, with multiple possibilities of coil configurations. The most common configuration is a closed loop with the guide wire along the centerline and the return wire located offline minimizing its magnetic contribution. Alternate options include a single wire with earth return (no return leg, saving significant setup time), or even the placement of one leg in an existing product line to enable precise parallel pilot hole tracking from entry to exit. In cases where placing a wire along the entire length of the bore is not feasible, ParaTrack2 integrates seamlessly with our other guidance and tracking sources including the Beacon Tracker System and the ParaTrack Gyro Module.

The powerful AC magnetic signal generated by ParaTrack2 enables tracking at extreme depths of up to 1500 feet, allowing the locating of the drill head as much as 10x earlier than competing surface verification methods. This translates to the most accurate punch-outs with the absolute minimum risk of costly positional errors.


  • Provides an independent reference verifying the accuracy of downhole surveys
  • Precision tracking at depths up to 10x greater than competing systems


  • Pilot Hole Tracking
  • Gyro Survey Verification


ParaTrack2 Guide Wire Information Sheet


Location Accuracy: +/- 2% distance wire to probe

Operating Voltages: Input 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz. Output 0-7 Amps

Wire Gauge: 10-14 AWG (typical)

Maximum Depth: >1500 ft (with optimal coil design)

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