Innovative tools are only as good as the software that drives them. Drillers and surveyors rely on intuitive software that allows them to focus on the job at hand. A partner rather than an impediment. With a development team responsive to the changing needs of the industry. RivCross has been filling this role for nearly 20 years.


RivCross integrates tracking and survey data from the entire range of ParaTrack products into a single graphical environment that is higly configurable allowing each user to highlight the data most relevant at the moment. Survey and tracking data from multiple ParaTrack sources are aggregated in both tabular and graphical form, with overhead plan and sectional side views of bore progress. It displays toolface and survey data both locally and remotely via the Driller’s Display running wirelessly to nearly any standard Windows or Android device – no expensive proprietary displays required.

A consistent user-interface allows new users to be trained quickly, with each additional product conforming to a standard format, minimizing the time required to get users up to speed with new product offerings.


  • A single unified view of all guidance data
  • Consistent UI minimizes training costs
  • Active development responsive to user’s needs
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Operating System Windows 10 64 bit
Screen: Minimum resolution of 1440×900. 14″ or larger display suggested.
Hard Disk: Solid State Drive with a minimum capacity of 100GB and no more than 80% full.
Processor: Minimum dual-core, 2Ghz
Ports: Minimum of 3 USB ports
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