Raritan River Crossing

A telecom operator contracted a new fiber-optic data line run beneath a busy waterway with no room for surface verification at entry and the plan containing a 35º s-turn with tight tolerances for the right of way.

The ParaTrack Gyro Module successfully guided the bore for the initial 2800’ of drilling, at which point the ParaTrack Steering Tool was in range of the Beacon Tracker System, which verified the Gyro was on course within 1.5ft both vertically and horizontally and guided the bore to a precision exit directly on-plan.

The Raritan River Crossing illustrates the unique flexibility that the ParaTrack Guidance System offers our customers. A complete service offering from entry to exit.




Project Highlights

  • True Vertical Depth:


  • Total Crossing Length:


  • Techniques Used:

    River Crossing


  • Unable to use secondary surface verification at entry
  • Project specifications called for a 35° s-turn while maintaining tight bore tolerances

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