ParaTrack HDD Gyro Module

Now available from Vector Magnetics, the ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM) introduces the advantages of gyroscopic surveying to the industry-leading ParaTrack Guidance System for horizontal directional drilling. Utilizing a precision fiber-optic north-seeking gyro system, housed in a hand-held assembly, yet rugged enough to withstand the most severe drilling environments, the ParaTrack Gyro Module offers accurate surveying through magnetically noisy zones and areas where secondary surface guidance is unavailable.

The ParaTrack Gyro Module is available as an add-on to any new or existing ParaTrack Steering Tool, fitting seamlessly in to the larger ParaTrack Guidance System. Like other ParaTrack components, the PGM is easily deployed on an as-needed basis, providing the contractor with maximum flexibility in choosing which guidance components are best suited to the technical and budgetary constraints of the job.

Survey management is handled via RivCross software; the industry standard for large-scale HDD pilot hole tracking. Surveyors, drillers, and other stakeholders already familiar with the unique strengths of RivCross will see immediate benefits when adding gyroscopic surveying to their pilot bore toolbox.

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  • Available For Purchase Worldwide
  • Compatible With The Entire ParaTrack Line Of Steering, Tracking, and Surveying Tools and Accessories
  • Fiber Optic North-Seeking Gyro System
  • Reliable Even In High-Vibration Environments
  • No Specialized Handling Or Personnel Required


  • Outside Diameter: 2.75” (requires 3.5” collar)
  • Length: Head to Foot: 48”
  • Weight: 39lbs
  • Electrical Connection: 1-3/16”, 12 tpi female (standard wet connect)
  • Internal Operating Temperature: 32-158 F (0-70 C)
  • Pressure Rating: 10,000 PSI (690 bar)

Survey Precision

  • Inclination: +/- 0.02°
  • Azimuth: +/- 0.1°
  • Toolface: +/- 0.5°
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