Vector Magnetics, LLC has applied our patented electromagnetic technologies to produce the ParaTrack suite of guidance tools and software.  ParaTrack equipment has been providing reliable survey and tracking information for the industry's most challenging crossings for more than 10 years.

Use our ParaTrack products to:
• Track and steer under obstacles to precise exit points, with minimal effect from external magnetic interference.
• Drill precise parallel wellbores in narrow rights-of-way while tracking an existing bore rather than a surface coil.
• Intersect bores for an extended length crossing.
• Intersect bores when necessary to case unstable entry and exit soils.

ParaTrack 2 is the evolution of the Surface Wire Tracking System.
Paratrack 1 is our economically priced DC based tracking system with no footage fees and compatibility with any standard steering tool. For jobs where price drives the design and the increased wire cost, setup, and survey time can be tolerated, ParaTrack 1 is made freely available to our customers with a valid RivCross license.
The Vector Magnetics Paratrack Intersection System radically improves efficiency in underground intersections by simplifying the process and greatly increasing the range at which such intersections are possible.  Intersections no longer happen by chance, but can be planned for a certain location, with no secondary means of tracking necessary.  The range of detection may be further increased by magnetizing the target pipe or casing with our Casing Magnetization Service.  With the use of our Radio Modem kit, more complicated crossings may be managed by a
The Beacon Tracker System enables tracking under obstacles where a conventional wire coil cannot be placed. The Beacon Tracker is a patented two solenoid AC system for tracking the directional drilling of cable and pipeline boreholes under rivers, buildings, highways, etc.
RivCross is the software environment that forms the core of our Horizontal Directional Drilling package.
The At-Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) is a new addition to the growing line of Vector Magnetics HDD tools.  Available as part of a rental motor or as a stand-alone bit sub, inclination can now be monitored directly at the bit - a first for the HDD industry.  
The Pressure Module is an optional add-on that brings real-time monitoring of annular and drillpipe pressure to the Paratrack2 steering tool. It is also compatible with the Pressure Gravity Tool for use in reaming operations.        
ParaTrack 2 Survey Probe: Shock mounted triaxial accelerometers and magnetometers, temperature sensor, and digitizing circuitry contained in 1.750 in. dia. x 55.3 in. long beryllium copper pressure barrel.  Telemetry and power via wireline. Temperature Rating: 85⁰C Pressure Rating: 1200 bar   Survey Accuracy: Inclination: +/- 0.15⁰
VM Driller Display is a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) tool that monitors crucial drilling information, such as the magnetic probe tool face angle, in real time. Compatible with RivCross, the HDD software suite released by Vector Magnetics. The Drillers Display App is free and is available for Windows, IOS and the Android operating system.