ImageFounded in 1985, we are the inventors and developers of the electromagnetic downhole proximity measurement.  Our staff of experienced scientists and engineers provide you with the knowledge and experience to help design, implement, and complete your project in a timely, cost-effective manner.





Vector Magnetics Timeline

1980 Wellspot relief well ranging invented by company founder Arthur Kuckes for use on the Amoco Bergeron blowout.
1980-1985 Wellspot commercially available through Gearhart Industries and known as ELREC
1985 Vector Magnetics incorporated to provide continued availability of ELREC (now Wellspot ) after Gearhart drops the service.
1988 Addition of Single Wire ranging techniques for applications beyond relief wells.
1993 Invention of MGT (Magnetic Guidance Tool) for heavy oil, SAGD well twinning, and licensed exclusively to Halliburton.
1994 Wellspot RGR (Radial Gradient Ranging) introduced, dramatically improving Wellspot accuracy.
1996 Introduction of single wire ranging as ParaTrack for tracking HDD bores.
1997 Single Wire Ranging first use for well-avoidance
1999  ParaTrack marketed worldwide through distributor Prime Horizontal Ltd.
2000 Rotating Magnet Ranging System (RMRS) introduced for heavy oil, SAGD well twinning.
2001 ParaTrack 2 steering tools and AC tracking systems introduced to the HDD industry.
2002 Beacon Tracking System added to ParaTrack 2.
2003 RMRS first used for HDD intersects, marking a major improvement in HDD productivity.
2004  Inrock, Inc. becomes the second worldwide distribution outlet for ParaTrack.
2006 Passive Magnetic Ranging (PMR) added to enhance relief well ranging and to broaden HDD intersect capability.
2007 MGT and RMRS heavy oil well twinning technologies transferred to Halliburton Company.
2009 Wellspot at Bit (WSAB) introduced and dramatically improves relief well productivity.
2009 Introduced At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) as part of the ParaTrack 2 HDD system.
2010 WellSpot and WSAB used to guide the relief well that intersects the BP Gulf of Mexico Macondo blowout.

ABIA integrated into steerable motors for HDD

2010 Oil and Gas technology, including Wellspot, Wellspot at Bit, and Passive Magnetic Ranging transferred to Halliburton. Vector Magnetics LLC continues to develop innovative tools for the Horizontal Directional Drilling and Construction industries.
2013 Shipped 500th ParaTrack 2 HDD steering and tracking system.