RivCross Steering and Tracking Software


RivCross is the software environment that forms the core of our Horizontal Directional Drilling package. RivCross integrates tracking and survey data from Vector Magnetics steering tools (ParaTrack tools) and various guidance sources as well as third party steering tools.  It provides a unified software environment that tracks surveys and guidance measurements and provides the driller with a graphical view of the drilling job. 

RivCross, in conjunction with our other ParaTrack products allows for precision steering and tracking using multiple choices of reference. With Single Wire, closed loop systems, downhole or surface references, ParaTrack offers unparalleled flexibility and range in steering and tracking.

RivCross supports the following tracking systems provided by Vector Magnetics:

ParaTrack 1, DC wire guidance system 
ParaTrack 2, AC wire guidance system 
Beacon Tracker System, AC Solenoid magnetic beacon guidance system 
ParaTrack Intersection System 
Real Time Pressure Monitoring
• At-Bit Inclination Assembly - ABIA
• Driller Display

RivCross also handles steering tool survey data directly and provides the capability to calculate tool position based on inclination and azimuth measurements.