ParaTrack Intersection System

Vector Magnetics' Passive Magnetic Ranging technology radically improves efficiency in underground intersections by simplifying the process and greatly increasing the range at which such intersections are possible.  Intersections no longer happen by chance, but can be planned for a certain location, with no secondary means of tracking necessary.  The range of detection may be further increased by magnetizing the target pipe or casing.  With the use of our Radio Modem kit, more complicated crossings may still be managed by a single surveyor who can manage both ParaTrack probes from a location on one side of the intersect.  With a small number of data points taken in quick succession, the software quickly determines the position of one pipe relative to the other, allowing for planned, controlled intersects.  The ParaTrack Intersection System is a Vector Magnetics exclusive and has been used in more than 300 succesful intersections.