ParaTrack 2 Tracking System

ImageParaTrack 2 is the evolution of the Surface Wire Tracking System. Utilizing inexpensive, light gauge wire, and driven by a small hand-held low current power supply, ParaTrack 2 saves money by significantly reducing setup and survey time, while also offering superior survey quality in magnetically noisy environments vs. antiquated DC based services. ParaTrack 2 is particularly useful in the guidance of horizontal bores while passing pipelines and buried cable transmission lines under rivers, highways, and other obstacles.

ParaTrack 2 is a turn-key service that includes a Vector Magnetics Steering Probe, a ParaTrack 2 Guide Wire Power Supply for injecting AC current into the surface wire, and RivCross software which provides a graphical environment for managing the job from end to end. Configurations may include closed loop tracking, single wire with earth return, or even tracking wire installed in existing bores for precise spacing of multiple bores. Options include the Pressure Module providing annular and drillpipe pressure readings and the At Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) which provides real-time monitoring of at-bit inclination - an industry first.