Driller Display App

VM Driller Display is a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) tool that monitors crucial drilling information, such as the magnetic probe tool face angle, in real time. Compatible with RivCross, the HDD software suite released by Vector Magnetics.

The Drillers Display App is free and is available for Windows, IOS and the Android operating system. 

Now you can have the Driller's Display on a laptop, phone, tablet or reader.


Android App

Android App


IOS App (Bluetooth requires a specific dongle for iOS and is not recommended.)
Glass App

Glass App

Kindle App

Kindle App

Driller Display App for IOS in  Itunes

Driller Display App for  Android

Updated Driller Display App for Android

Driller Display App for Glass

Driller Display App for Kindle

VM Display for Windows is available under Support/HDD Downloads (after logging in)


Android documentation is available at  documentation (after login) as " Android Driller Display App User Guide". 

 Glass documentation is available at  documentation (after login) as " Glass Driller Display App User Guide "



The Bridge program (required for Bluetooth on Android and RivCross 3.2.8 - not applicable yet on iOS) is available at  downloads (after login) as  BTbridgeV10.zip. In RivCross 4 Bluetooth on iOS is not recommended and requires a BlueGiga BLED112 USB dongle.