At-Bit Inclination Assembly

ImageThe At-Bit Inclination Assembly (ABIA) is a new addition to the growing line of Vector Magnetics HDD tools.  Available as part of a rental motor or as a stand-alone bit sub, inclination can now be monitored directly at the bit - a first for the HDD industry.


The ABIA reduces uncertainty regarding build/drop rates and allows the driller to see results immediately, without the several-rod wait of traditional survey tools.

Inclination is transmitted from the ABIA bit sub via EM to the ParaTrack 2 probe positioned normally in a non-magnetic drill collar.  Drill-string inclination is monitored in RivCross software, where inclination trends at the bit can be compared to inclination at the probe, greatly assisting the surveyor in conditions with mixed substrates or when tight tolerances on inclination are required.