Horizontal Directional Drilling

Vector ImageMagnetics' guidance tools and ParaTrack software for horizontal directional drilling are based on our patented electromagnetic technologies, and for over 10 years they have provided the most precise real-time tracking information available. 

These tools provide independent positional information and all but eliminate traditional survey uncertainty, while in the case of our ParaTrack 2 and Beacon tools, are far more resistant to noise from nearby installations or overhead power lines, while providing greater range and requiring less survey time than traditional DC-based tracking systems.  Vector Magnetics is the only source for AC-based tracking in the HDD industry.

Our ParaTrack tools determine bit position by detecting electromagnetic signals transmitted by wire or solenoid and calculating its exact position from the strength and orientation of those signals.  These measurements are independent of the driller's calculated survey, avoiding the accrual of incremental error over long crossings.  Applications include the guidance of single pilot holes, drilling of parallel holes, and precision exits under tight tolerances.

ParaTrack™ products are distributed by Prime Horizontal Ltd. and INROCK Inc.